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Evangelion Finally Vinyle

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Tracklisting :
1.    The cruel angel’s thesis
2.    Fly me to the moon (yoko takahashi acid bossa version)
3.    Soul’s refrain
4.    Thanatos -if i can’t be yours-
5.    Komm, susser tod (m-10 director’s edit version)
6.    Kyou no hi wa sayounara
7.    Tsubasa wo kudasai
8.    Fly me to the moon (2020 version)
9.    Kokoro yo genshi ni modore 2020
10.    Mugen houyou
11.    Shiawase wa tsumi no nioi
12.    Come sweet death, second impact
13.    Dilemmatic triangle opera
14.    The image of black me
15.    Dilemmatic triangle opera ayanami version

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