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Persona 5 - The Animation - Edition anglaise Vol.2

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Deuxième box anglaise (UK) de la série animée Persona 5 the Animation, contenant les épisodes 16 à 26 + les deux TV Spéciaux.

The Phantom Thieves’ early success at bringing those responsible for heinous wrongdoing to justice has brought them to the attention of Medjed, a notorious group of international hackers who threatens to expose their identities. In light of this, the group is also contacted by the enigmatic Alibaba, a rival hacker who offers them a deal - use their otherworldly abilities to change the heart of a girl named Futaba Sakura, and in return they will deal with the problems posed by Medjed.

As the Phantom Thieves crew of misfits with an eye for justice grows, so too does the threat looming over Tokyo. Can the gang get to the bottom of the nefarious and deadly corruption that run through the heart of the city... and what’s more, can they do so in light of dangers that threaten to break up the Phantom Thieves and could even cost them their lives.


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Après plus de deux millions d’exemplaires du jeu vendus à travers le monde, Persona5 débarque enfin en anime. Retrouvez tous les personnages du jeu culte dans une adaptation à couper le souffler. Quand le dernier épisode de la saga Persona rencontre les meilleurs talents de l’animation japonaise, c’est le moment ou jamais de rejoindre les voleurs fantômes !

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