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On-Dal vient de commettre l'irréparable: il a brisé la boule de cristal qui renfermait un puissant démon... Condamné à l'exil, il va tenter d'expier sa faute. Ses fidèles amis, David, Samson, Pie, Pay et Adolph l'accompagneront dans cette grande et tumultueuse aventure...
In the new global manga Aspirin, it's one hysterical roller coaster of a ride of adventure as our bumbling hero and his womanizing sidekick try to restore order to a crazy world! When Lord Dahn-Guh "accidentally" unleashes powerful demons unto the land, he orders the fool Ondal to recapture them! Unable to fulfill the task on his own, Ondal is accompanied by Hae-Moh-Soo--a legendary, foul-mouthed warrior who helped to trap the demons in the first place--and...David Copperfield?! Along the way, they come across quite the interesting array of characters: a gang of armed nuns, the mysterious Samson with singing powers, the twins Pai and Pai, and so many more!

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