Final Fantasy IX - CD Original Soundtrack

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Compositeur : Nobuo Uematsu

Arrangé par : Nobuo Uematsu, Shiro Hamaguchi, Kunihiko Kurosawa

Interprêté par : Emiko Shiratori, Kunihiko Kurosawa, Haruo Kondo, Masatsugu Shinozaki Group, Atsuo Okamoto, Michio Nagaoka, Masato Matsuda, Jun Kajihara, Masayuki Chiyo, Masakazu Ishibashi

Nombre de CD : 4

Nombre de morceaux : 110

Disc 1 :

The Place I'll Return To Someday            
Forgotten Memory In The Storm            
Strategy Conference    
Sky Above Alexandria  
Vivi's Theme    
Feel My Blade 
Vamo' Alla Flamenco    
Search For The Princess              
The Jesters Of The Moon           
Steiner's Theme             
Prima Vista Band            
Eye Catching    
Your Warmth   
Fake Love          
Queen Of The Abyss    
Stirring The Forest         
Memories Of The Day  
Boss Battle        
Game Over       
Run !   
Crossing The Knoll         
Ice Caverns       
Frontier Village ~ Dali   
Them In The Sunset      
Steiner's Stealth             
Limited Time    
Zidane's Theme              
Black Waltz

Disc 2 :

Cid's Theme     
One Problem Settled   
Song Of Memories        
Hunter's Chance             
Qu's Marsh       
Quina's Theme
Aloha De Chocobo         
Ukulele De Chocobo     
Freya's Theme
Boudary South Gate     
Aerial Battle     
Kingdom Of Bulmecia   
Forgotten Face
Kuja's Theme   
Mystery Sword
Sleepless City ~ Treno  
Tantalus Theme              
Immoral Rhymth            
Garnet's Theme             
Gargant Rul      
Cleyra Stem      
Cleyra Settlement         
Eternal Harvest
Heaven Distress             

Disc 3 :

Ambush Attack
Loss Of Me       
Fossil Rul            
Mountain Pass ~ Conde Petie  
Black Mage's Village      
The Ungrasped Memory            
Ceremony Before The Gods     
Eiko's Theme   
Ruins Of The Madain Sari            
Walls Of The Sacred Beasts        
Iifa Tree             
Salamander's Theme    
Footsteps Of Desire      
We Are The Thieves !   
Slew Of Love Letters    
Quad Mist
Moogle Theme
The Thing I Must Protect
The Chosen Summoner
Janitor Of Time
A Fleeting Past
Turning From & That Scoundrel
Sacred Grounds ~ Esto Gaza
Gurugu Volcano
The Heart Of Melting Magic

Disc 4 :

Airship ~ Hildagaldy       
Secret Library ~ Daguerreo        
Ipsen's Heritage             
The Four Mirrors            
Consecutives Battle      
Souless Village ~ Branbul            
Castle Where Time Froze ~ Pandemonium         
You're Not Alone!          
Dissipating Sorrow         
The Rebirth Of The Evil Mist      
Assault Of The White Dragons  
The Memory Place        
Crystal World   
Dark Messenger             
Final Battle        
Bittersweet Romance  
Hidden Lips       
I Want To Be Your Bird 
Didn't Capture The Heart Of Both           
Towards That Hate        
Melodies Of Life ~ Final Fantasy              
Coca Cola TV CM 1         
Coca Cola TV CM 2         
Melodies Of Life ~ The Layers Of Harmony