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Bokutachi wa asu ni mukatte ikiru no da vo

580 ¥


Un jour, une foule de garçons se précipite à l'école de Tasuku et prétend que le jeune homme est le fils de la déesse chance. Chaque garçon supplie alors Tasuku de l'accepter comme petit ami afin qu'il leur porte chance. Tasuku est très en colère mais, s'il utilise son pouvoir il pourrait faire de son meilleur ami Oono l'élu de son coeur. Afin de tester ses pouvoirs, Tasuku commence par attirer Oono vers lui...
High school student Tasuku Mizuochi has a secret he knows and a secret he doesn’t. Even though he punches, kicks, and otherwise abuses fellow karate team member, Ryouta, on a daily basis, Tasuku has hidden feelings for his childhood friend. When Tasuku’s mother died, Ryouta was always there to comfort him, and these emotions grew over time to become something else. Confused and embarrassed by his secret crush, Tasuku takes his frustrations out on Ryouta to keep him from ever knowing the truth. When Tasuku learns that his late mother may have been an “ageman” (ah-gay-man) – a woman who brings men good fortune – he starts to believe he’s inherited these powers, too. Can having the ability to influence luck give Tasuku and Ryouta a future together? Or will all the people crawling out of the woodwork wanting to use Tasuku’s power cause him to run screaming for the hills?!

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