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Les épisodes:

01/File 01: Jigsawed - Is it ridiculous to believe that l have been given a certain role to play for this present world ?
02/File 02: Jigsawed II - Wind comes in this hole and goes out ofthe other, and it makes the world a little bit clearer
03/File 03: Sniped - You were stunned and moved by the dreadful beauty of hell, weren't you ?
04/File 04: Extended - People don't what to do only with the urge of their first impulse.
05/File 05: Fallen - The intention to kiss, and the one to kill.
06/File 06: Circled - It's ok to leave everything just as it is
07/File 07: Thunderbolted - Let us begin to make this world a better place
08/File 08: Desertified - For you try to get out from a hell hole, you get trapped deeper there
09/File 09: Inside-outed - I'm not gonna die, you hear me?
10/File 10: Inside-outed - A beautiful word
11/File 11: Stormed - Like God, the creator of the world...
12/File 12: Channeled - I'm gonna tell you a secret of mine.
13/File 13: Channeled II - Sometimes it's important to put our hopes in a complete stranger who lives in a distant universe.

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