Ace wo Nerae!



Hiromi Oka (Aya Ueto) est une écolière ordinaire qui va se passionner pour le tennis du jour ou elle assiste au match jouer par la meilleure joueuse de son lycée, son ainée Reika (Rio Matsumoto). Grâce à une série d'événements, Hiromi découvre peu à peu son talent caché pour le tennis, tout comme Munataka (Masaaki Uchino), l'entraineur de l'équipe féminine, qui va la choisir comme joueuse titulaire lors des tournois a venir alors qu'elle n'est qu'une débutante, une situation qui va faire des envieuses et lui attiré l'animosité de certaines...


Hiromi Oka (Aya Ueto) decides to join the high school tennis club from the moment she saw the star player Reika's(Rio Matsumoto) excellent and smashing play. However, once the tennis lesson began, Hiromi finds herself bored in the succession of simple practice swings. One day, Munakata (Masaaki Uchino) becomes appointed as the new head coach of the tennis team. His special training was nothing but original, extreme, and severe. In addition, he suddenly chose Hiromi, a tennis beginner, to be the member of the up coming tennis tournament Not only Hiromi, but also her teammates become confused and take the odd situation unfair. Jealousy of her friends and teammates mounted, and they started to talk behind her back. Finally, Hiromi decides to leave the team and run away from the uncomfortable reality, but the coach strongly refused. Instead, he gave her an even more severe and personalized training.

drama manga - Ace wo Nerae!
MN Actus
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