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Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Cloning – 2021 


One of the most popular topics that we love to discuss and never stop talking about is cloning. We have now made a clear picture of how clones may look from science fiction and movies in recent years. We have an idea of how clones might operate and behave once they are made in real life. A good college essay writing service can help you explain it in detail.


People can debate on the topic of cloning amazingly. You can find a lot of argumentative essay topics on the same topic and can analyze the topic comprehensively. You will see that people take a lot of interest in controversial topics. Your reader will curiously read your whole essay if your topic is crafted creatively.


Sometimes you may find a lot of interesting topics related to cloning but you may not be able to compile the information and data in the most efficient way. Such situations make you wonder and you may wonder if there was a friend who could write essay for you, but you do not need to worry now. You can find a professional essay writing service online and get your help instantly.


The writers you find online are specialized in writing academic and non-academic essays. Search on any essay writing service online and you will find a group of writers specialized in different fields. You just have to follow the instructions given by the website to get your essay done on time. 


Like any good essay writer, we can also help you know some important essay topics for cloning that you might encounter. So here we go!


  1. We know that cloning is a possible phenomenon. Dolly sheep was a successful experiment in cloning; do you think human cloning should be legalized?
  2. Cloning could be taken to the next level by making it possible to create human organs. As we face organ scarcity and in many cases, receptors do not find a proper match that causes their ultimate death. Do you think cloning is beneficial in recreating animal's body parts or organs?
  3. Other than the regeneration of human body parts it can be used to create healthy cells, antigens, and other components of the human body mechanism. Do you think it may be useful to cure some fatal diseases?
  4. Many people believe that cloning is against the natural law and the will of God. It is unethical and immoral for a human to create another human. What is your argument?
  5. Therapeutic cloning is a viable technology
  6. In the movie 'Frankenstein' a monster is created by a curious person after one of his experiments. The monster feels lonely and acts aggressively to get rid of his frustration. Do you think clones may possess monstrous characters?
  7. Do you think human clones may harm people?
  8. Human cloning will negatively affect us on a global level
  9. Clones are also grown from cells. They possess organs, flesh, and blood. Do you think they may have a soul too?
  10. Human organ trafficking is already a critical issue. Allowing cloning may not limit people to harm the clones and traffic their organs. What is your point of view?
  11. Keeping in view the pros and cons of cloning. Do you think that cloning is the right path for science?
  12. Research on a landscape project like human cloning will require huge amounts of research. Do you think such research is worth spending huge amounts?
  13. As artificial intelligence, human clones may also work efficiently if mutated to perform better in the given conditions. Do you think they might be a useful human resource and is that ethically right?
  14. Food and other resources are already scarce, human clones will need equal resources to survive. What is your opinion?
  15. Humans are violent. They will obviously abuse their subordinate clones, do you agree with this statement?


All these, and many other, essay topics make great subjects for such essays. For further help, work with a professional and ask him to write my paper and get the desired work and results.


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