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He stretched out his hand obliquely, and the speed was very fast. Before he could see his movements clearly, the pulse of his hands had been clasped by him. He suddenly felt numb all over his body. He could not exert any strength, and he was soft to fall down. yuan Kong put him aside and clapped him on the back. "Have a rest, Martial Uncle," he said. yuan Kong only showed one hand, and looked at the Shaolin elder Wuchen Master system down, especially his last clap, which was even more strange, the strength of the clap was not heavy, and the position was insignificant. No dust but can not support, wow, spurting a mouthful of blood. yuan Kong clasped the hand of the pulse door has been released, no dust several times struggling, still unable to stand up, it is obvious that he suffered serious internal injuries. All the monks of the Shaolin Temple turned pale with horror. Even Feng Wuxiang could not hide his excitement. He rushed over to help Wuchen up and asked, Martial Uncle! How are you? Wuchen's eyes were closed and his face was as pale as gold, but he could not speak. Xiahou Jie followed him. As soon as he saw Wuchen's back, there was only a hole as big as a finger in his palm. He knew it in his heart. He whispered, "This is the magic heart of the Western Regions. We must rescue him immediately." As he spoke,86 smart board, he took out the medicine that Qiao Zhuang had left for him and poured a little into Wuchen's mouth. Seeing this, yuan Kong said hurriedly, "I'm afraid no elixir can save him. I've only ruined his whole body. It's polite to leave him alive." "Not really," said Xiahou Jie coldly. "I brought this medicine from the Western Regions for the purpose of dealing with the Demon Heart Finger. Master Wuchen only accidentally let you take advantage of it. When the master recovers from his injury, he will naturally return it in the same way. yuan Kong was stunned for a moment and then said with a smile, "I've never heard of a magic heart finger." Xiahou Jie said angrily, "You still want to be cunning. I fought with Helian Xin,smart board interactive whiteboard, the leader of the Holy Sect of the Demon Heart, in the Western Regions. I'm too clear about this." yuan Kong said with a smile, "I haven't been to the Western Regions, and I don't know what Helian Xin is. I don't believe your medicine can cure my strength." Xiahou Jie moved in his heart, and when yuan Kong used his palm, he did not see him use his fingers. But the wound hole on Wuchen's back was clearly a sign of the demon's heart. "What's the name of your palm skill?" He asked. yuan Kong said with a smile, "It doesn't matter if you say it. It's called piercing the palm of the heart. When you send it out, you use your palm, but you can concentrate on one finger. It pierces the golden hole of steel and is invincible.". If I didn't have such confidence, how could I dare to make a great wish to revive Shaolin? Xiahou Jie smiled faintly and said, "This is not Shaolin's Kung Fu." "Of course not," said yuan Kong proudly. "Of the eighteen unique skills of Shaolin, only the Broken Jade Palm has this power. But only the Master of the Broken Jade Palm can see its secret. How can we get it?" Xiahou Jie's heart moved again. He whispered to Feng Wuxiang, "Is your teacher sitting at the pass to practice the broken jade palm?" Although his voice was low, smart board for conference room ,smartboards for business, yuan Kong had already heard it. He burst out laughing and said, "Your guess is right.". It's a pity that the master has no merit to get out of the customs. Feng Wuxiang also understood a little, and immediately asked, "Broken Jade Palm Skill is probably the nemesis of your evil kungfu." "Nonsense," said yuan Kongwei! I've only heard of the name of the Broken Jade Palm, but I've never seen it used. How can it be my nemesis? Feng Wuxiang sneered, "No matter how cunning you are, it's no use. You ordered Elder Martial Brother yuanwu to steal Brother Xiahou's horses today. You clearly wanted to use an excuse to make trouble and stop the master from practicing martial arts.". If you're not afraid of broken jade palms, why do you do that? yuan Kong was speechless in astonishment. Feng Wuxiang added, "You must have learned your heart-piercing palm from Wanli Chasing the Soul. You destroyed the master's broken jade palm and acted according to the order of Wanli Chasing the Soul." "Fart," said yuan Kong angrily. "I just don't like the way you hold Shaolin, act recklessly and harm your fellow disciples, so I want to clean up the house and revive Shaolin. How can you be ordered to act?" Feng Wuxiang said with a sneer, "Headmaster, the news of practicing the Broken Jade Palm was only announced yesterday. You can't wait today. It must be this kind of palm skill that poses a great threat to you!" yuan Kong still wanted to open his mouth, but Wu Ding said in a deep voice, "The matter is already open. What else do you deny?". You are a little too impatient. If you wait two more days and let the old fool destroy it at the critical moment, you will not only make him lose all his previous efforts, but also make him go crazy. It will be much easier. yuan Kong said with a smile, "Martial Uncle is thoughtful, but my nephew has been informed that Xiahou Jie has returned to the Central Plains. If he is allowed to enter the temple and tell us the recent situation, the old fool will step up his precautions, and it will be very difficult for us to have a chance to destroy it." Xiahou Jie said, "You also said that you didn't collude with the Holy Religion of the Demon Heart. My return to the Central Plains is a very secret thing, and this is my first stop. How can you know that?" "I didn't know," said yuan Kong. "Someone told me." Xiahou Jie said, "Only the people of the Demon Heart Holy Sect will inform you." yuan Kong sneered, "It's a joke. You, Xiahou Daxia, are a celebrity in the Central Plains. Wherever you go, you will know everyone.". Why do we have to have the Holy Religion of the Demon Heart. Monks don't talk, and I don't know anything about the Holy Religion of the Devil's Heart. Xiahou Jie said, "The ancient white dragon you know is a member of the Demon Heart Holy Sect. He used you to subvert the major sects in the Central Plains as the capital of the Demon Heart Holy Sect's eastward invasion." yuan Kong smiled and said, "We are not three-year-old children. How can we be so easily exploited?" "Brother Xiahou," said Feng Wuxiang with a sigh, "these people are blinded by profit. How can they listen to your advice?" Xiahou Jie said, "They may not know the plot of the Holy Religion of the Demon Heart.." "yuan Kong," said Wu Ding impatiently, "why are you still talking nonsense? Hurry up and solve the problem. yuan Kong laughed and said, "Hasn't the matter been settled?"? Before we could do it, the old fool stopped practicing and got out of the customs. "But the master's letter has not been handed over yet," said Wu Ding. yuan Kong said with a smile, "Martial Uncle has to try to get this by himself, because this is a dispute between two masters. In principle,65 inch touch screen, my nephew can't do it for me." "Why?" Asked Wu Ding. yuan Kong said with a smile, "Martial Uncle Wugou is the current master. Although we are not satisfied with him, we should at least pay tribute to his current authority. It seems a little presumptuous for my nephew to attack him as a younger generation." 。


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