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Essay writing: Major types of academic writing



Essay writing is also referred to as academic writing. It has unique importance in all educational institutes. As its domain is vast, that is why teachers give a high significance to essay writing. You need to understand that you cannot bypass academic writing, whether you are a student of science subjects or art subjects. In this article, we will throw light on the concept of essay writing and its major types. It is also expedient mentioning here that a newbie essay writer should not contemplate the process of following essay writing rules as a tedious job. It is imperative to bring in students' notice that no rocket science is involved in learning the skill of academic writing. A student having insufficient knowledge of essay writing rules often overthinks how to write my paper extraordinarily. 


Usually, the students with zero essay writing experience consider putting pen to paper to create a lengthy writing piece a daunting affair. Moreover, such students also confront the hurdle of confusion and hesitation to create a detailed writing piece. It also happens when students do not have sufficient knowledge about essay writing rules.

When a teacher assigns a comprehensive essay writing task to its students, a few students fret out and get nervous. Students must learn the absolute theme of essay writing to avoid themselves from such a situation. Let's define what essay writing exactly is and what are its significant types?





  • Descriptive essay

It is one of the major types of essay writing. As its name implies, it demands an essay writer to describe a thing, place, or person in detail. Notably, the subject could be ordinary. However, an write paper for me should have a strong affiliation with that specific subject. Also, it is the utmost responsibility of a scribbler to draw a moving picture of the scene.

Furthermore, a writer must involve the sensory details of the topic. It plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of the readers toward the text. Notably, the author should have an emotional attachment.


  • Narrative essay

A narrative essay is also referred to as the cousin of the descriptive essay. There is a thin line that differentiates both writing pieces with each other. In this essay, a writer must narrate a real-life event that a writer had experienced in its life. It should have high significance for readers in a way as it should urge the readers to take action regarding the incident. The action may be related to giving a suggestion or opinion regarding the incident or situation explained in the text. 

A narrative essay demands the author to explain the entire story in chronological order along with sensory details. Highlighting the significant characters in the text is also compulsory.


  • Argumentative essay

In an argumentative writing piece, the author must raise a compelling argument in favor of its opinion regarding a specific topic. There is no space for emotional feelings in the text. A scribbler needs to take a firm stance regarding the topic. A writer gets the liberty to create a lengthy essay in favor of or against the topic's statement. 

The argumentative essay urges a writer to highlight both sides of the topic. A writer should present a compelling factual based argument in favor of its opinion regarding the argument. 


  • Expository essay

It is another type of essay writing that has high importance in educational institutes. It demands write my essay to expose a specific subject. It is not merely explaining a subject. Instead, it requires the author to highlight subtle components or features. A writer cannot express emotional feelings or opinions regarding the topic. 

A student must have a profound knowledge of the topic. Only then can a scribbler illustrate a subject so that the readers can also read about such features of a not obvious subject.



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