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Seal Knife _ Aoyama Barren Tomb
Sun Minfeng touched the blue veins on his forehead and said "There is only a breach in the ankle of the corpse The insect should have entered from here" However I can see that the insects in the human body vary in size The biggest one is as thick as the little finger and the smallest one is not much bigger than the fingernail That is to say once this insect bites through the flesh it will penetrate into the human body and grow with the nourishment of flesh and blood Moreover it is a male and female body The speed of laying eggs and breaking shells is very fast I'm afraid it only takes less than seven days to eat a person's internal organs It's very vicious Ye Fusheng got up and said "That's why I'm looking for you" Yao tell me what you found in the Lost Ridge Xiao Yan bone has always been clever Ye Fusheng started her reaction to come over-these people will not believe Xiao Yan bone but will believe Chu Xiwei She immediately said "I took someone to sneak into the Lost Trace Ridge Helian Yu was already in seclusion in the Broken Soul Cliff Weeping Blood Cave I was going to wait for an opportunity to assassinate him but I didn't expect to find out" She hid some of the details only to highlight the curse of poison but this matter is enough to make Yingxiu and Sun Minfeng palpitate Ye Fusheng said at the right moment "Although Helian Yu has been in seclusion for three days the power of the Palace of Burial of Souls has temporarily fallen into the hands of Xiao Yangu and Li Feng It is still dangerous for the Taoist Priest Duanqing to look for the Cave of Burial of Transportation Souls alone The best way now is for Ah Yao and I to take people into the Lost Mountain first and muddy the water of the Palace of Buried Souls so as to increase the chances of winning" Ying Xiu frowned "But I have received a tip that the allied forces will come here in less than two days Is it too late" This time the major sects gather together and they are bound to destroy the Palace of Burial Souls Seeing that the Lost Ridge is right in front of them can they stop just by your words and mine "If you don't listen to soft words you can only try to stop them" Ye Fusheng rarely cold face "this time the white way coalition is huge the major forces of the evil way are also ready to move whether they want to take advantage of the situation or join hands to fight against the white way they will rush to the lost ridge in these two or three days" Sun Minfeng heard the string song and said "Do you want to borrow them" Ye Fusheng looked at Yingxiu who nodded "The nearest wave of demons and Taoists will arrive in about two days" Xiao Yangu said "Helian Yu went mad a few days ago and killed a lot of envoys from other evil sects He wanted to send his head back to the person in charge behind him but because he was in a hurry he threw it in a ravine not far from here Now" Just in time to use it Ye Fusheng nodded "Yingxiu please send someone to take these heads to intercept the wave of evil followers set up white spies and lead them to the direction of the allied forces There will be a conflict outside the place of right and wrong ahead of time and the war will drag on" Ying Xiu considered more "It's not difficult to do so but both sides are not fools At most they can only be blocked for a while I'm afraid they will have a clue when they meet" "Therefore please hurry up and inform Xuansu of them After all the disaster is of great importance Only with their cooperation can the situation be brought to the expected point" Ye Fusheng looked at her China Suppliers "one day you just need one more day" Today is the second day of Helian's retreat He will leave the pass at midnight tomorrow At that time whether it is success or failure it will be a huge variable One day is enough time for the wind and clouds to turn around With that Ye Fusheng stepped on Xiao Yangu's foot without any trace She immediately looked at Sun Minfeng and said "Ghost Doctor there is no sentry in this water area to bury the soul but it is the only way to enter the Lost Mountain Although you are not good at martial arts you are good at curing poison Take good care of this place so that you can advance and retreat Do you understand" Sun Minfeng understood "My subordinates will let the'water ghost 'choke the main road and lay poison in the forest Without your signal no matter the secret guest of the burial palace or the white road goes first you won't be able to pass through the whole body from now on" But what are you going to do Ye Fusheng took one look at Xiao Yangu and said "I'm going to kill the viper" Chapter 204 broken dreams Compared with chopping with knives and axes the best way to kill a big tree is to start rotting from the inside of the root system One of the two people Chu Xiwei brought with him was Zhang Ziao and the other was Scorpion The former was highly skilled in martial arts and the latter was ruthless and familiar with the situation so that they could find a gap in the maze of martial law like three unremarkable fish mixed into the muddy water and disappeared in the quagmire in a twinkling of an eye Zhao Bingmo has been planning for many years but now he has died but there are still many unexposed stakes in the nest of the burial palace Scorpion soon got the news from them-Helian Yu closed the door and wept blood cave and the big and small affairs in the ridge were handed over to Xiao Yangu and Li Feng Zhang Ziao took a distant look in the direction of the Qinglong Palace "Li Feng's arm was cut off by Xie Wuyi when he Construction & Real Estate was in Guyang City Although his left hand can still be used it is not in its heyday It is not good to fight for power with Xiao Yangu If he is smart he will avoid it temporarily" The master-apprentice relationship between Xiao Yangu and Zhao Bingmo was extremely hidden and even an old man like Scorpion was unknown However he kept in mind the words of the former master when he was born and said to Chu Xiwei "On the surface Xiao Yangu is the most awed person among the four masters of the palace to Helian Yu but your excellency had already discovered that when she was guarding the White Tiger Underground Palace in northern Xinjiang she took advantage of geographical advantages to develop military supplies smuggling and north and south caravans" He snatched a lot of food from the mouth of the'golden toad 'and was a ruthless character who was very ambitious and good at hiding Chu Xiwei understood that the allied forces of the White Road were coming but Helian Yu was in seclusion The undercurrent in the lost ridge was surging and Xiao Yan must have two minds Therefore she would not want Helian Yu to leave the pass safely and even when necessary even the burial of the soul palace could become the price of survival With this in mind he lowered his eyelids and said "Scorpion you go to contact the available stakes in the Palace of Burial of Souls and try to transfer them to the sentry posts of the main roads everywhere so as to prepare for those who come after you Proud you sneak into the White Tiger Palace and keep an eye on Xiao Yan Gu If possible you can win the cooperation with her this time" Things are urgent even if you have to make progress in danger as to whether she will bite back Chu Xiwei's mouth raised a shallow smile cold as a knife Who is afraid of acting in Liaozhai among the demons and ghosts who walk in the dark at night Chu Xiwei is not afraid of Xiao Yan's hands and feet just like waiting for the beast to open its claws for the smell of prey and then plunge into the trap Zhang Ziao is the person he promoted always silent will not question any orders of Chu Xiwei so he readily took the order and Scorpion one left and one right split action soon hidden in the perennial clouds of the lost mountain


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