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Many of the people present are involved in the construction industry, and naturally have a certain understanding of the recent reconstruction project of Hongsong Road. The competition between Fu Shiyi and Jiang Chi has long been silent in people's hearts. yuan Quansheng, of course, also has an understanding, after all, the reconstruction project of Hongsong Road has a great momentum. Shi Yi, Xiao Sima, you two are here! yuan Quansheng laughed and joked. As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Chi couldn't wait to open his mouth: "Mr. Fu, we meet again." As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand, raised his eyebrows lightly, and smiled at the corners of his mouth as if he were provoking. Last time at the cocktail party, Fu Shiyi did not shake hands with him, but this time is different, so many people watching, he does not believe that Fu Shiyi will still hold the shelf. "You don't have to be so polite, Mr. Jiang. I've seen him so many times, and it seems a lot to shake hands." Fu Shiyi said as he touched Jiang Chi's glass with the champagne glass in his hand. Clear voice, more or less still some smell of gunpowder. Jiang Chi face is naturally not hanging, can only smile sideways, did not choose to do something out of line in such an occasion. At this time, yuan Quansheng raised his glass and said to the people around him: "Come on,Fish measuring board, welcome everyone's arrival, all at will, at will." yuan Quansheng's words still had weight, and as soon as the words came out of his mouth, everyone raised their glasses to echo them. After a while, the cocktail party officially began. yuan Quansheng pulled Fu Shiyi to chat again, and then he was called away by the master of ceremonies at the reception. As the lights dimmed, the magnetic voice of the master of ceremonies sounded in the stereo. Ladies and gentlemen, look at the big screen. On the screen at the front,fish measuring tape, the emblem of Quansheng Group, which is made up of fragments, is played, just like the one on everyone's chest. On the screen, Quansheng Group has changed in different times, from a small team of only a dozen people to a small company of 100 people, and then to today's listed companies. The three-minute video tells about the growth and success of Quansheng Group. But it is clear that 30 years of trials and hardships can not be summed up perfectly in three minutes. As the lights slowly brightened, the master of ceremonies invited yuan Quansheng to speak on the stage, and the audience applauded. More than 20 minutes of speech, not wonderful, but also people can not look away, everyone is quietly listening to this experience like a legendary story. Even an outsider like Lu Hang-hang listened very carefully. Fu Shiyi put his arm around her waist and asked softly, "Which is more wonderful than my speech?" Lu Hanghang was stupefied for a moment, then reacted, bowed his head and smiled and pounded him lightly with his elbow, "They are elders and predecessors." After yuan Quansheng finished speaking, Belt Filter Press ,cattle weight tape, the symphony orchestra, under the signal of the master of ceremonies, played the accompaniment of music suitable for people to talk. Naturally, some people talked and some people danced. There were not a few people who walked into the dance floor together. The long tables on both sides are filled with all kinds of snacks, but most of them are desserts, after all, the taste will not affect the atmosphere of people's conversation at the cocktail party. Just after eating a few mouthfuls, Fu Shiyi and Sima were called to the second floor by yuan Quansheng, where they were said to be talking about business. Wen Qian took Lu Hang-hang to look for food around the long table and said, "This kind of cocktail party is mainly about talking about things, supplemented by eating, drinking and playing." Then he picked up a small sandwich and handed it to Lu Hanghang, saying, "They are responsible for talking about business, and we are responsible for eating!" Then Wen Qian used the tone of an experienced person to tell Lu Hanghang about popular science. At the cocktail party, you must first find something close to the staple food, otherwise you will be tired of eating cakes and desserts. Each of them took some small portions of food and went to the side of the window, chatting and eating. Lu Hanghang leaned against the window, and after all, the tuna sandwich was not tired of eating, thinking about taking another bite. I thought the cocktail party in the business field was very serious and depressing, but I didn't think it was really like a buffet. As a partner, not many people will stare at you, and everyone is busy climbing the high branch. Wen Qian was no stranger to such an occasion. She looked around at the people around her and saw Xu Xiangyan, who was chatting with people in the distance. She couldn't help saying, "This man is really ambitious.." Lu Hanghang looked down her line of sight, and it happened that Xu Xiangyan bent sideways, and the design of the V-shaped collar on her chest facilitated her casual sexiness. Speaking of this, Wen Qian deliberately teased Lu Hanghang and said, "If you wear her, Fu Shiyi will definitely pack you up and take you home without saying a word." Lu Hanghang touched his hot earlobe, picked up the champagne beside him, and took a sip to try to hide his shyness. If she wears a deep V, she won't be able to get out of the door. Two people went to the dessert area, Wen Qian chose for a long time, this just chose a favorite, eating to continue to talk about gossip to Lu Hanghang. The relationship between Jiang Chi and Xu Xiangyan has long been common in the eyes of these people. The deer put it on the fork and asked doubtfully, "Why?"? Doesn't Jiang Chi have an engagement? It is reasonable to say that these people know more or less. Wenxi shrugged her shoulders and said, "What about the engagement?"? Look at the one with glasses in front of you. "Look at the gentle, divorced, divorced, the number of derailment can not be counted on one hand, this is not to bring a new little girlfriend." Lu Hanghang opened his mouth and looked at the man wearing glasses and several people talking and laughing, not to say that he really could not see that he was such a scum man. Wenxi fed her a strawberry and whispered, "Don't always stare at it, or people will think you're interested in her.." Lu Hang Hang a listen, the bottom of my heart can not help but be filled with a burst of disgust, quickly removed the line of sight. Wen Qian is right. On such an occasion, they just eat and drink well and don't lose their manners. Just as they were about to turn around with dessert, a waiter with a wine tray happened to pass by, and Wenxi accidentally dipped the cream on her dress. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! The waiter quickly apologized,Adhesive fish ruler, and the white square towel in his hand did not know where to wipe her. It's all right, you go to work. Wen Qian waved the waiter away. "Wenxi was wearing a tight white satin dress, and the cream print soon turned yellow." Go to the bathroom and do it. Lu Hanghang made a gesture to put down the dessert in his hand.


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