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Once the emperor realized his supreme authority, it was difficult to do so. Since "all over the world, is it the land of the emperor" (3), he began to fool around, saying that "I get it, I lose it, what do I hate" (4)! So the sage's disciples had no choice but to invite him to eat "red-billed green parrot", which is the so-called "heaven". It is said that the Son of Heaven should act according to the will of Heaven and should not act foolishly, and this "will of Heaven" is only known to the Confucians. In this way, it was decided that if he wanted to be emperor, he would have to consult them. However, the restless emperor began to misbehave again. You say to him "day", he says however, "I am born do not have destiny in day?!" (5) Not only does it not mean to look up to heaven, but it also goes against heaven, turns its back on heaven, and "shoots at heaven" (6). It is simply the end of the country, so that the sages and gentlemen who depend on heaven for food can neither cry nor laugh. As a result, they had no choice but to write a book and scold him. After a hundred years of planning, that is, after the death of the body, they thought that this would be great. But in those books, at most, it is recorded that the "policy of obscurantism" and the "policy of obscurantism" are all unsuccessful. February seventeenth. This article was first published in the National News Supplement on March 9, 1926. (2) See the Biography of Zhuge Liang in the Annals of the Three Kingdoms for the phrase "holding the emperor to command the princes". When Zhuge Liang commented on Cao Cao to Liu Bei in Longzhong, he said, "Now Cao Cao has millions of people,ultrasonic generator driver, and he holds the emperor to command the princes. This sincerity cannot compete with him." (3) "Under the whole world, there is no royal land." See the Book of Songs, Xiaoya, Beishan: "Under the whole world, there is no royal land; on the shore of the land, there are no royal ministers." Pu, Tong Pu. (4) "I get it, I lose it, why do I hate it" comes from the Biography of Shaoling Wang Lun in Liang Shu. In March of the third year of Taiqing (549),Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, Hou Jing was trapped in Jiankang, Emperor Gaozu (Xiao Yan, Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty) "He sighed and said," If you get what you get and lose what you lose, what more can you hate? " (5) "Am I born with a destiny?!" "The king (King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty) said," Alas! Do I have a destiny in heaven? (6) "Shooting Heaven" can be found in the Records of the Grand Historian: "Emperor Wu Yi had no way, and he was a doll, called the God of Heaven. With it Bo, people do. If the gods are invincible, they will be humiliated. For leather bag, blood, (Yang) and shoot it, life is called'shoot heaven '. A flowerless rose 1 Again, Mr Schopenhauer's words: There is no rose without a thorn. But there are many thorns without roses. (2) The title has changed a little, and it looks better. The "flowerless rose" still likes to look good. 2 Last year, for some reason, this Mr. Ben Wall suddenly fell in with the tastes of the gentlemen in our country, and pulled a little of his "On Women" (3); so I came to quote it several times, but it was a pity that it was all thorns and lost roses, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, which was really a great disappointment to the gentlemen. I remember seeing a play when I was young, but I forgot the name. The family was getting married, and the impermanent ghost had arrived, caught in the middle of the wedding ceremony, worshipping together, entering the room together, sitting on the bed together.. It's a real bummer. I hope I'm not. 3 Some people say that I am a "stone-shooter" (4). My explanation of "shooting an arrow in the back" is quite different from theirs. It means that someone was injured and I don't know where the arrow came from. The so-called "rumor" is close to it. But I'm standing here. But I sometimes shoot without explaining who the target is, because I don't have the heart to "give up together" at the beginning. As long as the target knows alone, knows that there is a hole, and doesn't want to be nervous, my business will be over. 4 As soon as Mr. Cai Jianmin (5) arrived in Shanghai, the Morning Post solemnly published his speech according to the telegram of the National News Agency, and added a note, thinking that "it should be the result of years of intensive research and cold-eyed observation, Dazu's edict to the people, and the attention of the intellectuals." I suspected that it was Mr. Hu Shizhi's talk, and there was something wrong with the code of the National News Agency. 5 The prophet, that is, the prophet, is not tolerated by the old country, but is also persecuted by the people of the same time, and the great man is often like this. He must die, or be silent, or be absent, if he is to be admired. In a word, first, it is difficult to cross-examine. If Kong Qiu, Sakyamuni and Jesus Christ were still alive, the believers would inevitably panic. For their behavior, I really do not know how to lament the religious leader. Therefore, if he lives, he must be persecuted. By the time a great man becomes a fossil and people call him a great man, he has become a puppet. The so-called greatness and insignificance of a first-class person refer to the size of the effect he can use for himself. 6 Mr. Romain Rolland of France is sixty years old this year. In addition to his introduction, Mr. Xu Zhimo, who was soliciting articles for the Morning News, said with emotion:.. But if some people report to Mr. Roland that this is a new China with some popular slogans, such as "Down with imperialism" and so on, or the phenomenon of division and suspicion, I can no longer predict his feelings. (6) (Morning Copy 1299) He lives far away, and we have no way to cross-examine him for a while. Could it be that from the perspective of "poetry and philosophy", Mr. Roland means that New China should welcome imperialism? "Shi Zhe" went to the West Lake to see plum blossoms again, and there was no way to cross-examine them for a while. I wonder if the ancient plum blossoms in Gushan are not yet blooming, but where are they opposing the Chinese people's "overthrow of imperialism"? 7 Mr. Zhimo said, "I seldom praise people.". But Xi Ying said about his article on learning from France, "I dare say that I can already afford a Tianjin saying: 'Have roots'." And "like Xi Ying, in my opinion, it is worthy of the term'scholar '." (7) (Morning Vice, 1423) Professor Xi Ying said, "The new literature movement in China is just beginning, but people who have made some contributions, such as Hu Shizhi, Xu Zhimo, Guo Moruo, Yu Dafu, Ding Xilin, and the Zhou brothers, are all people who have studied the literature of other countries.". Especially Zhimo, not only in terms of thought,ultrasonic cutting machine, but also in terms of system, his poetry and prose have a style that has never been seen in Chinese literature. (8) (Modern 63) Although it is troublesome to copy, the "scholars" with "roots" and the "especially" thinkers and literati in China today have finally chosen each other. 8。


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