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"Are you sure that the treasure of Dayu is here?" "Of course I'm sure I found the clue when I got the Archaic Fire Charm." I quietly invisible, gently touched the past, looked up and saw that there was an acquaintance I knew. The first speaker was a guy dressed in black who looked like a savior. Of course, I didn't know him. The latter one turned out to be Qiu Fengqing, who used Da Ri Bao Guang Gan Yan Zhen Huo. When I heard the four words of Archaic Fire Charm, I immediately realized that she could release seven groups of great sun, precious light, dry flame and true fire. This must be the effect of the ancient fire amulet. Qiu Fengqing talked to the man and refused to leave the land of several feet. Keep rummaging, seems to be very sure look. I felt a little strange, because from their conversation, I found that Qiu Fengqing and the man in black were not familiar with each other, and it seemed that it was only because of a certain task that they formed a temporary team. According to common sense, even Qiufengqing has to look for help, this man's strength should not be bad, otherwise it will only become a drag on the stupid bird, who would like to form a team. Of course, acquaintances are an exception. It seems that we can't find it today. We'll come back at night when there are few people. I'll blow up the mountain with the light of the sun and the real fire to see if we can find it.. I hurriedly covered my mouth to prevent myself from exclaiming, and the tone of Miss Qiu was really strong. Zhoushan is also a place of interest, said the explosion, she thought it was fried fish? Two rays of light soared into the sky, and when I saw the two of them leave, I secretly assessed the strength of the two from the light. Qiufeng qingmm used the big sun, the light,Automatic Nail Making Machine, the dry flame, and the true fire to control the flight, while the other one also used a magic weapon like the red sun, and the speed was not lost to Qiufeng qingmm, which surprised me very much. In Shushan, there are several most commonly used ways of flying. Most players will not use this spell to fly, which is the art of resisting the wind obtained from the formula of refining Qi. But almost every player will practice as the most convenient way to save his life after throwing the flying sword. Royal swordsmanship has the highest popularity, and the most commonly used royal swordsmanship,Iron Nail Making Machine, except for some alternative flying sword magic weapons, such as needles, frying, forks.. Belong to, some can not control the flight, the vast majority of players, are using this road. The second commonly used is to control the spirit birds and beasts, and the third is to use the magic weapon to fly. If the magic weapons of warships are not included, very few of the magic weapons used by everyone can control the flight. Just look at the Xuanyin banner in my hand, the seven treasures of 100 poisons, and the ancient gold amulets, all of which can't be used as flying tools, and you will know how rare this kind of flying magic weapon is. In Shushan, the defensive magic weapon is the most rare. Flying magic weapons are the second, but all the magic weapons that can be used to fly are generally not slow. A little example, is the nine days and ten places to ward off the evil spirit shuttle, Nail Making Machine price ,wire nail machine manufacturers, the dust banner this kind of grade. It can directly control the magic weapon of flight, which is rarer than increasing the speed attribute. There are two pieces at once, and they are not ordinary goods. I had a big murmur in my heart. It seems that the Shushan game to the present, a lot of the best magic weapon, are beginning to appear gradually, there is luck, not only I am an old cow. Found the place where Qiufengqing mm searched with the man in black just now. I thought about it and thought it was the simplest way to get the best results. I looked around and released the light of Qingsuo Sword and began to dig. Qingsuo turned into a blue band of light, and all of a sudden it went into the earth. I carried the art of reposing the primordial spirit, and transferred my senses to the Qingsuo Sword. I swept the ground for a while, but I didn't find any obstruction. If there is a treasure below, there must be something like the forbidden law. As long as Qingsuo Sword touches it, I can immediately detect it. The green rope went through the veins of the earth, and after sixty or seventy feet, I found nothing, and I was very depressed. Just as he was about to take back the flying sword, suddenly the light of the sword rose slightly, and a strange attraction seemed to absorb the light of the Qingsuo sword. Yeah! What is this thing? I freeze the sword light motionless, slightly observe, absorb the power of Qingsuo, from further down, southwest direction. I am convinced of the power of Qingsuo, and I am not afraid to be taken away by others. I pretended to be powerless, and the light of the sword passed slowly. After I crossed two or three hundred feet of soil, I felt that the attraction was as heavy as a mountain, and I had to fight with all my strength to resist it. He hastily switched to the Seven Treasures Buddha Staff and increased his strength by eight thousand before he could stabilize the light of the sword. No, Qingsuo Sword is too risky. It's not worth it. It's better to change it! There are many magic weapons in Shushan that collect flying swords. Because players have equipment protection, even if they are taken away, it does not affect ownership. Players who receive flying swords can not use them, but this setting can make players unable to continue to use current weapons. However, to collect other people's magic weapons, we need to use magic power to suppress them all the time, otherwise they will be absorbed back. There are many people who use this skill to make jokes in Shushan, but there is a lack of people who really use it against the enemy. If the luck is particularly bad, there is no equipment protection, let people take the flying sword, of course, that is bad luck, will immediately break their own flying sword magic weapon contact, never get back. Withdraw the green rope, switch a five-order scrap metal, I put the sword light into the ground again. This flying sword is far inferior. It took me seven or eight times as long to wear it to the position just now. The layer of attraction had increased its power, and the light of the five-order flying sword could not be turned around. The primordial spirit I placed on it was suddenly enlightened as the light of the sword moved forward. At the foot of Zhoushan, there is a space like a giant bell. High number of miles, a hundred acres, a hundred feet tall, the upper body is a peerless beauty, the lower body is like a dragon, there are two horns on the head, countless colorful light bands flying around the body. She only looked up at me and shouted, "Broken!" I suddenly felt that my whole body was about to crack,Coil Nail Making Machine, and a flying sword entrusted to the primordial spirit suddenly broke into countless pieces of iron, and my own primordial spirit was also beaten back to the body. Shushan Volume 26 Mummy First Chapter Demon God Xiao _ Shuo txt Heaven Hall The second time, the demon.


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