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"Gu Xichao?" Suddenly the eyes darkened, and a head hanging upside down stretched out, with white hair like his own, white eyebrows, white enough to see the skin with blue blood vessels inside, and even white pupils. Hakuko? "You are Gu Xichao?" The white son who turned over sat on his side and looked curiously at Gu Xichao who looked up at the sky, still unwilling to confirm that he had not mistaken him for someone else. Is this Gu Xichao? Let the waning night be so sentimentally attached to the guardian, even at the expense of letting himself face the crisis of being obliterated? "Mmm." Did not go to ask the origin of the other side, Gu Xichao has been from his style and temperament (come and go without a trace?) Know a little, "the friend of the night?" Nodding his head, Bai Zi held his cheek and stared at Gu Xi, looking up and down, left and right. Even Gu Xi, who did not care so much, could not help being looked at awkwardly. He sat up and stared at him back and forth, as if accusing him of impoliteness. But who is Bai Zi? The white son who regards killing as a gorgeous art,steatite c221, the white son who is not bound by the secular world, the white son who only uses the beast God as a friend, will he care about the anger of Gu Xichao? Smacking his lips, Bai Zi shrugged his shoulders indifferently and stood up. I just came to see what kind of person changed the night. Touching his chin, Bai Zi tilted his head and looked at it again. "It seems that it's nothing. It's just beautiful. My gorgeous killing art is the best. Let's go." His aesthetic standards cannot be judged by ordinary people. Speechless looking at the white son who came and went in a hurry, Gu Xichao was a little confused, and then relieved. Is this about the last time you helped me? Remnant night. Chapter 64 stubborn youth,ceramic igniter electrodes, dark horse. Although he was sure that he could pass, he decided to assign the order of appearance because he did not know the exact meaning of the system. (7wwwCOM) Just now, two groups of teams that could have been promoted collided, and in the end, both sides were hurt, and all of them were not included. In this way, if the system is to arrange a team with the same strength as its own team to compete. Glass looked not far away to see the same Chi Yaoyang, two people's eyes hit and quickly separated. If your group collides with the other side, how should you deal with it? "Next game, the 57th team against the 172nd team, please prepare." He stood up with a sound and turned to the shadow of the moon. When he went to see the mosquito again, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, he had put away the sword spectrum and took out a long Chinese sword with cold blue light from the sword box. The body of the sword was engraved with a line of oracle bone inscriptions. I'm ready. Looking up and seeing the glass looking at himself in surprise, the mosquito smiled shyly, put the sword box aside, and stood behind the glass with the flying sword. Obviously, he did not intend to seize the absolute control of Li in this group, even though he was the chief disciple of Dongsheng Shenjiao. If there is no accident, Chi Yaoyang should be the first, Nangong is the second, and Hongluan is the third. How do we arrange them? Is it horse racing according to Tian Ji, or is it strong to strong? Glass found that the other side is Chi Yaoyang is the leader, immediately can guess the other side of the platoon. Tian Ji horse racing, is to give up the other side's strongest one, by the weakest one in his team to consume the opponent, and then by the strong take over to drag down the other side. Only Li, look back. He was really not sure which was stronger, the shadow of the moon or the mosquito. Or that he knows which is stronger but doesn't have the heart to hurt his self-esteem. That one Scene 1.. I'll do it. Aware of the embarrassment of the glass. The mosquito smiled indifferently. Take the sword and prepare to go on stage. That Chi Yaoyang. I I will try my best to drag out all his strength. That's it. Keep trying. Constantly show yourself. Must be recognized by Gu Xichao. Let him really see himself in his eyes. Persist in your own persistence. The mosquito smiled at the shadow of the moon. I didn't care about her cold face to myself. He picked up his flying sword. Go to the arena. The arena is extremely open. There are energy shields all around to protect the audience from harm. It also allows players to use their own means without scruple. Group 57 versus Group 172. The comprehensive strength of both sides has reached S level. The difficulty is being debugged. Debugging completed. The rules don't change. Death in the arena is also equivalent to death in Brahma. The winner will be decided in an hour. Otherwise, it will be treated as a tie. Because the difficulty increases. A draw is a failure. A series of words from the system once again startled two groups of six people. Already on the stage, Chi Yaoyang even shouldered his two-handed sword and put away his playful expression. Start getting serious. Death in the arena will be reborn, so if you want to live, you must admit defeat when you are about to fail. But. Is Chi Yaoyang the one who is willing to admit defeat? How much beauty and room for change did his inner pride make him miss? People who are stubborn and arrogant will eventually be killed by their own stubbornness and arrogance. Glass smiled coldly, knowing that this time it must be able to remove the sharp thorn of Chi Yaoyang. As long as he is dead, Xiniu Hezhou is a mass of loose sand, when the time comes, he is not easy to catch? Seeing the tip of Chi Yaoyang's sword pointing at him, he made a good preparation posture. The mosquito lifted the blue fluorescent sword in his right hand, pinched the sword in his left hand, and lifted his feet off the ground. The blue fluorescent sword, one bright and one extinguished, turned into a streamer of light and crawled at the feet of mosquitoes. At this time, it seems that the shy and gentle mosquito's blue and purple clothes are flying, and there are some immortal wind and bone of the Bodhi old man. East, 57 mosquitoes. West, 172 mosquitoes. Chi Yaoyang. Competition. Start As soon as the voice fell, Chi Yaoyang's whole body was filled with golden fighting spirit, and he raised his sword to chop the flying mosquitoes with fighting spirit. San Cai Chao yuan! At the same time, a clear voice fell in midair. The blue and purple clothes fluttered and quickly turned into a giant blue sword, which combined the spirit of heaven and earth with man. Man was the sword, and the sword was the man. With the sword to protect himself and the man to control the sword,ceramic welding tape, he went straight through the golden fighting spirit coming from the flying split, and pointed it down in the direction of Chi Yaoyang. Rumbling-the huge blue sword cut the ground and stirred up countless stones and dust, and even the absolute defensive shield trembled. The audience in the first two rows raised their hands and covered their ears unconsciously.


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