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My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising - Vinyle

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La Bande-Originale du dernier film de la licence My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising arrive en Édition limitée 2 disques vinyles.

Cette édition réunit plus de 34 morceaux composées par Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia, Welcome to the Ballroom, Kiznaiver, Haikyu!!).


Track list:

Disc 1 (Side A)
Heroes vs. Villains
A Hero Is…
The Hero Work Recommendation Project
That’s Super Hero-Like!!
Nabu Island
Inherited Power
Nine’s Quirk
Nine’s Blunder
The Villain Appears
You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt!
Deku and Katsuma

Disc 1 (Side B)

Nine’s Action
Surprise Attack of the Villain
Class 1-A, Heading Out!
Nine and His Team’s Resistance
Numerical Inferiority
Nine’s Tenacity of Purpose
The Strength of the Man Who’ll Become the Number One Hero
Islander’s Anxiety
Past with Nine

Disc 2 (Side A)

Together as One
Strategy Meeting
Let’s Start the Operation!
We’ll Go All-Out to Stop You!
Joint Struggle
To the Limit
Nine’s Craving

Disc 2 (Side B)

Be Number One -Bakugo’s Belief-
Nine’s Power
A Heart That Is Inherited
There Is a Hero There

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